F24 Ryan Place, Manukau, Auckland Tel: 263 7308 / 021 666 608
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Long-Term Business

David Walecki has been in the Automotive Industry for many years, starting off on the workshop floor at British Layland when the "old" Mini car was still in the making. Vehicles have changed a great deal over the years, with new technology and sophisticated control systems present in all modern vehicles. When something goes wrong and the computer diagnostics can't pinpoint the problem, this is where experience counts.

Over the years Dave has heard all sorts of stories about cars and their owners. A common theme for many stories starts with maintenance - or more accurately, lack of maintenance!

Quattro Auto and Lube King

Lube King is the easy and cost effective way to keep your vehicle serviced. Whether you need an Oil and Filter change, Radiator or Transmission Flush, come and see us at Quattro Auto Lube King.

Maintenance is a choice

Most of us know how important it is to change the engine oil, but what about the automatic transmission oil? The transmission needs to be serviced in the same way as the engine.

"Brian Wood brought his Audi A4 into the workshop, due to the lack of power. After checking the vehicle, we found the transmission was badly worn, due to very dirty oil and a partly blocked filter. A quick service did NOT fix the Audi, it needed a major overhaul , priced in excess of $3,500. A regular service of the transmission would have prevented this from happening."

Our Hours:

Monday - Friday: 7:30 am - 5:00 pm

Saturday: 8:00 am - Noon

Why Choose Us

  • Lube King - South Auckland
  • Prices below dealerships
  • Experienced mechanics
  • Clean, tidy and safe workshop
  • Computer testing equipment
  • Professional staff and management
  • Handy location close to Manukau
  • Euopean and Japanese car specialists